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Premium Dry Food, Uniquely Crafted For Your Dog, Without the Premium Price

Why do pups love Crafted Kibble?

Our good-fur-pups formula is tasty, crunchy, and totally personalized. Each serving of our kibble is made with U.S-sourced quality ingredients and is blended to create the perfect mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins to form a complete balanced meal for your dog.

Customized Specifically
For Your Pup
Using your dog’s unique nutritional profile, we create a custom meal plan that offers optimal calorie intake for healthy weight.
At Crafted Kibble, we offer a fully customized, subscription-based dog food delivery service that gives your pet flavorful, nutrient-filled meals that are already pre-portioned out just for them.
Starting at only $6.95/week.
How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Tell us about your pup

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Natural Goodness
Human-Grade Ingredients You Can Trust. Like you, we love our dogs and care deeply more about their health. That is why we created Crafted Kibble - a service that delivers a balanced dog food specifically for your pup. Driven by science, made with love.

100% US Sourced and US Made

All natural, US-Sourced ingredients blended specifically for your dog.


Every formula is vet-crafted and approved. Our kibble exceeds industry standards set by the AAFCO.

Fully Personalized

Your custom kibble is personalized to meet your dog’s unique needs, including breed, age, allergies, activity level, and so much more!


Each pre-portioned serving is sealed to insure freshness and eliminate the guesswork. Two servings a day could not be any easier.

Amazing Ingredients For Amazing Dogs

made with love for


8 Year Old Lhasa Apso


“Benji started developing dr skin and other issues in the last year. After just a month of eating Crafted Kibble, his skin issues disappeared! His coat is now glossy, fluffy, and dandruff-free. Thanks Crafted Kibble!”

Tasty Trout & Brown Rice

min crude protein: 24%

min crude fat: 16%

min crude moisture: 10%

min crude fiber: 5%

made with love for


2 Year Old Australian Shepherd


“Crafted Kibble has made such a difference in my life and my dog! My 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Willow, has been struggling with a sensitive stomach and food intolerances for over a year. She's tried so many different foods and nothing would help her. After the first day of new food Willow's progress was amazing and I couldn't be happier!”

Lavish Lamb & Peas Grain-Free Recipe

min crude protein: 25%

min crude fat: 15%

min crude moisture: 10%

min crude fiber: 7%

made with love for


4 Year Old Labrador Retriever


“Since starting Luna on Crafted Kibble, Luna has finally been able to lose weight! The pre-portioned meals are a time and life-saver! I'm so happy I found this service!!”

Tender Turkey & Lentils Light | Grain-Free

min crude protein: 27%

min crude fat: 8%

min crude moisture: 10%

min crude fiber: 17%

Vets Love Crafted Kibble
“Crafted Kibble is the perfect dry food for my patients. It eliminates all guesswork for their families, and contains high-quality ingredients that dogs love!”

Dr. Luke White

Crafted Kibble’s Core 4 Support
Our recipes focus on easy digestion. Our Core 4 System works to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. The Core 4 System supports great gut health and is designed for necessary absorption of important nutrients. Our kibble works from the inside out to provide everything your pup needs from its food.
supports gut
supports skin
and coat health
supports odor
supports brain

“I love to have a balanced meal plan for my dog! Crafted Kibble is a great value and it’s free delivery!”

Mauricio B, TrustPilot Review

“Very happy with the entire process. Feels good to know you're giving your dog the exact nutrition they need. All while enjoying the convenience of the pre-portioned packs and delivery. Compared to other premium dog food brands, I'm very happy with Crafted Kibble.”

Gina, TrustPilot Review

“Crafted Kibble is a great product! I never have to guess if I’m feeding them properly! A fan for life!”

Michael B., TrustPilot Review